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Putting the “S” in ESG


The discussion in the panel will be focused on the need for community engagement for successful implementation of corporate sustainability and CSR activities. The success of most sustainability and CSR interventions is dependent on community participation and this session will educate participants on the need for community engagement, effective strategies, benefits of community alignment, and examples of projects which have done well because of strong community partnerships.

Who should attend

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • NGOs
  • Philanthropic organizations


  • Inesh Singh

    Inesh Singh

    Senior Manager - Agro Dev,
    AB InBev


  • Dr. Arvind Kumar

    Dr. Arvind Kumar

    Deputy Director General,

  • Padma Raghavan

    Padma Raghavan

    Head, Corporate Partnerships,
    WaterAid India

  • Clare Flannery

    Clare Flannery

    Global Manager, Sustainability and
    RSP, AB InBev