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Securing clean water

One of the states that is overcoming water woes through robust initiatives at the ground level is Telangana, a front-runner in NITI Aayog’s SDG Index 2019. Much progress has been made in the region to resolve water scarcity issues. Here’s an overview of how stakeholders, together with participation from the public, are working on solutions to improve the water situation today and for the next 100+ years.

Sustainability Champions

WaterAid to conserve, recharge & recycle water

Championing the Sustainable Development Goals

The SDG No.6 as charted out by the United Nations advocates for clean water and sanitation. To achieve this goal, it is important to have cooperation from the private sector to take on pressing water challenges, especially in high-stress regions, by recharging groundwater, rainwater harvesting, and promoting mindful use of water.

Making a difference

In this endeavour, the state government has undertaken many key initiatives such as upgrading infrastructure of intake wells, water purifying plants and over-head reservoirs. Besides the government, start-ups and businesses are also building strategies to establish sanitation hubs, aquifers, among other things. Companies such as AB InBev, as part of their water stewardship efforts, have partnered with ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics), Let's Endorse, and Ground Water Board to address water challenges in the region through an integrated approach.

Improving 100+ years

Water intensive companies, especially those in production, should take greater responsibility to assess their water consumption and improve water efficiency in their operations. Focus should be given to sustainable methods to re-use water, and uplift the communities in which they operate by giving back to the society.

AB InBev is one such company which is diligently working with the community and other key stakeholders towards water stewardship and have constructed structures from on-farm ponds to check dams, promoting conservation and management of water in Telangana.

The world’s leading brewer has been working towards increasing water access and aquifer recharge, as part of its commitment to ensure that 100% of communities in high-stress areas have measurably improved water availability and quality by 2025. In addition to this, it has also set up Water Health Centres to provide safe and purified drinking water, reinforcing its commitment to its communities.