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Celebrating individuals and companies leading the way with meaningful initiatives and innovation at the Sustainability100+ Awards


Celebrating individuals and companies leading the way with meaningful initiatives and innovation at the Sustainability100+ Awards

In 2021 India witnessed a monumental shift in our collective approach to sustainability. The question of how to build a livable and equitable world went from being idle living room chatter to an urgent boardroom matter, which concerned not just the policy elites, but even the common man on the streets. From merely being concerned about climate change, it has now become a major driver of public policy. The country's decision makers are increasingly aware that they need to act if they want their country to be economically competitive in the long term. To leverage this seismic shift, AB InBev India and Network18 partnered to launch Sustainability100+, a platform that brings together visionaries and experts from across the globe to share their thoughts on India's progress towards its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In its inaugural season, Sustainability100+ brought forth new ideas and initiatives to help India achieve its sustainability challenges over the next century. With insightful State Summits, engaging Masterclasses, and numerous video features, the platform turned the spotlight on the work of innovators who strive to embed sustainability in the Indian way of life. Throughout this journey, a few individuals and organizations managed to transcend ordinary classification through the sheer impact and scale of their initiatives and were proclaimed ‘Sustainability Champions'.

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Kisan Hub:

Saji Varghese:

Gram Oorja:


The first season concluded with the first edition of the Sustainability100+ Summit. One among the many changemakers and leaders who graced the event was Sonam Wangchuk. Sonam took part in an eye-opening conversation with Ashwin Kak, Head - Procurement & Sustainability - India and South-East Asia, AB InBev about the importance of “rethinking our impact on the planet.” It was a perfect encapsulation of the spirit that drives and animates the second season of the Sustainability100+ initiative in 2022. To truly rethink our impact on the planet and define the highest standards of sustainable innovation, the second season will culminate in the first-ever Sustainability100+ Awards.

The Sustainability100+ Awards will celebrate companies, start-ups, NGOs and Foundations which have made quantum leaps in solving the most pressing challenges across the four pillars of sustainability: Climate Action, Water Stewardship, Circular Packaging and Smart Agriculture. Their achievements will be presented as case studies, which will inspire Sustainability Champions and enlighten policymakers and business leaders. To expand the scope of the Sustainability100+ Awards, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation have been added as the fifth and sixth award category respectively.

All Sustainability Champions can apply to win the Sustainability100+ Awards by October 15, which honor environmentally friendly companies. Their application should explain their sustainability initiative's impact.

Here's a link to the nomination form, for those interested:

Futurescape, an ESG and Sustainability advisory and process partner for the Sustainability100+ Awards, will choose winners from applications submitted to India's first awards recognizing corporate sustainability. Applications will then be reviewed by a 'Grand Jury', which will include corporate leaders and pioneers in the realm of sustainability, like Deepak Bagla, CEO & MD, Invest India, Michael Braungart, Founder & Scientific Director of Braungart EPEA and author of ‘Cradle To Cradle', Seema Arora, Deputy Director General, CII, Vibha Dhawan, Director-General, TERI and Namrata Rana. The winners will be feted at a grand award ceremony, scheduled to be held in early 2023 in New Delhi. Attendees at the event will include eminent government stakeholders, policymakers, prominent personalities and corporate leaders.

The first-ever Sustainability100+ Awards will be celebrated this year, but the true impact of this recognition goes well beyond a single ceremony. As awardees scale up their initiatives on the back of this immense recognition, and their ideas and innovations begin to gain traction among corporate leaders and policymakers, we can begin to realize the full potential of sustainability. The stage would then be set for more Sustainability Champions to emerge and build a commercial ecosystem that benefits our planet.