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About Sustainability 100+

2020 had been a challenging year, but our commitment and actions on sustainability only ramped up a notch higher this past year.

As a next step of our outreach on sustainability, we aim to bring together all sustainability doers and influencers on one common platform, to amplify the impact that we can generate.

What you will see play out over the next few months is our humble recognition that we alone are not enough to make a positive Climate Change impact. We are the enablers and drivers of change; and through this platform, we will provide that voice to our supply-chain partners, state-level champions and other sustainability policy-makers - to help amplify the voice of their impact!

To give you a glimpse, the six-month sustainability initiative will comprise a series of:

  • Sustainability panel dialogues with critical national policy-makers, NGOs and other like-minded corporates through various strong televised dialogues.
  • Recognition of Sustainability champions and a telecasted round- table conversation with important state stakeholders in the focus states of Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana.
  • A sustainability rich online content hub that will keep getting updated with state-level videos of sustainability work by ABI and other external champions, an article every week for the next six months with specific action calls on sustainability and much more!
  • Through our actions and conversations, our emphasis will continue to be on our focus sustainability goals of Smart Agriculture, Water Stewardship, Climate Action and Circular Packaging!

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