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The Sustainability 100+ Summit

Temperatures are rising more quickly than we had imagined. The carbon emissions are increasing and causing extreme weather conditions. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) unequivocally blames human influence for causing unprecedented damage to the climate and rising temperatures.

‘The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021’ – Karnataka Roundtable

Efficient waste management is the need of the hour, and Karnataka is leading by example on how states can manage their segregation and disposal methods to create a circular economy.

‘The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021’ – Maharashtra Roundtable

In the third edition of our Champion States series of The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021, we recognise Maharashtra’s efforts towards climate action.

COLLECTIVE FORCE: India Inc. unites to tackle second wave of COVID-19

India has been grappling with the debilitating second wave of COVID-19 since March 2021. While hospitals, the Centre and state governments formulated and implemented multi-pronged strategies to fill in the gaps and address the challenges of a war-footing, India Inc. also stepped in and mobilised its resources to equip the country and its people against the second wave.

‘The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021’ – Telangana Roundtable

The discussion will, thus, deliberate on fresh perspectives, disruptive approaches, and breakthrough innovations that are required to make water access seamless and efficient across India with Telangana leading by example.

‘The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021’ – Haryana Roundtable

Join us for the ‘The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021’ – Haryana Roundtable which is aimed to make the agriculture sector more sustainable and change the future of sustainability in India and especially in Haryana.

Transition to Sustainable Sourcing in Agro

Join us for a insightful session with industry leaders on introducing RSP concepts to the agro supply chain.

Putting the “S” in ESG

Join us for a free-wheeling chat with a host of industry leaders on the need for community engagement to drive successful CSR and Sustainability activations.

The Sustainable sense in branding

Join Ashwin Kak, Head of Procurement & Sustainability at AB InBev, and a host of other industry leaders for a webinar on synergies between sustainability and branding.

Sustainability for the Aam Junta

Join us for this free-wheeling chat with three Sustainability Champions as we discuss how we, the consumers, are driving and can demand better sustainable actions from the makers of the products and services we consume on a daily basis.

The Sustainability 100+ Dialogue

Watch the insightful discussions to know where India stands on its commitment to SDGs, what the government is doing and how corporates are changing the game in smart agriculture, water stewardship, circular packaging and climate action.