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Recognising the efforts and contribution of the pioneers towards Sustainability Development Goals.

Farm to glass

A sustainable ecosystem is incomplete without agricultural growth. Thus, it is essential to promote our farmers by supporting them on the sustained use of soil, water and other agriculture inputs, especially in Haryana, which ranks No. 13 in Zero Hunger, as per the NITI Aayog Index 2019. Here’s a complete overview of how the various agriculture ecosystem partners champion the SDGs through Smart Agriculture in the state.

Sustainability Champions

Smart Agriculture - Haryana

Championing the SDGs

The basis of achieving the 17 SDGs by 2030 lies in Smart Agriculture, particularly No. 2- Zero Hunger. By empowering our farmers with research, knowledge, technology, financing and sharing best practices, we can help them grow high-quality crops, strengthen communities, and prepare them better from uncertainties resulting from climate change.

Making a difference

AB InBev supports barley growers in Haryana through its Smart Agriculture initiative by leveraging data, technology, and innovation. As part of this mission, AB InBev has partnered with the likes of IIWBR (Indian Institute of Wheat & Barley Research), NSFI (National Skill Foundation of India) and various other innovators who have been supporting farmers through a series of adaptable measures focussing right from soil improvement, nutrient management, water use efficiency and livelihood diversification.

Improving 100+ years

Soil testing is critical to farmers for understanding and improving the quality of their soils. But testing is underutilized, and results from some testing methods can be spurious. AB InBev’s agronomist team works with farmers to demonstrate the importance of and improving access to soil testing and building nutrient management plans and crop rotations. Furthermore, with increased soil data collection, the team demonstrates and shares the connection between soil health practices and barley yield and quality. Overall, the AB InBev agriculture team has been focusing on its Global Sustainability Goals – and working on up-skilling and capacity building the farmers’ knowledge and infrastructure base as well connecting them through various digitisation initiatives – such as with Kisan Hub and FOSS – which brings the latest in technology and crop monitoring to the footsteps of the farmers.