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Sustainability Champions

Recognising the efforts and contribution of the pioneers towards Sustainability Development Goals.

Bolstering climate action

There is a need to take collective responsibility towards climate change by limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Much work is already being done to map crop losses, heat index, rainfall and to formulate a robust action plan to combat the climate crisis.

Sustainability Champions

Charging towards renewable electricity

Championing the Sustainable Development Goals

Maharashtra is a top performer in climate action on NITI Aayog’s 2019 SDG Index. The state government, along with non-profit organisations, and corporates are projecting the impact of climate change on agriculture and rolling out recommendations on effective methods to increase yield and enhance soil quality. Many start-ups are also involved in educating farmers about climate change and help them adopt the best practices in farming.

Making a difference

One of the critical solutions to combat climate change is renewable electricity. Maharashtra is working on a new renewable energy policy with a push towards electric mobility as well. Besides state players, corporates have also taken the onus to switch to clean energy in their operations.

Improving 100+ years

AB InBev is addressing its power needs through renewable electricity in its brewery at Aurangabad and plans to continue its journey in other locations as well. Its onsite solar plant was commissioned in 2019 at PALS brewery in Aurangabad, wherein ~13% of its electricity demand is fulfilled through solar energy. In line with its 2025 Sustainability Goal around climate action—100% of its purchased electricity will be from renewable sources—many other onsite solar plants and offsite power purchase agreements are in the pipeline.