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Recognising the efforts and contribution of the pioneers towards Sustainability Development Goals.

Eliminating waste through circular packaging

The transformation of efficient waste management is the need of the hour to create value and safeguard the environment. Therefore, it is crucial to junk the old industrial model of ‘take, make, dispose of’ and increase adoption of circular packaging among organisations, where maximum materials are reused, returnable and recycled.

AB InBev practices circular packaging

Championing the Sustainable Development Goals

Karnataka has been pioneering the SDG No.12: Sustainable Consumption and Production for years. It ranks 72—a clear front-runner—on NITI Aayog’s SDG Index 2019 due to its waste management strategies, fuelled by efforts from the state government, start-ups, NGOs, and conglomerates to optimise the re-use of resources.

Making a difference

To promote a clean and green environment, the state government has implemented zero-waste initiatives through efficient segregation and disposal methods. Furthermore, citizen-led campaigns and local corporations have taken charge by incentivising recycling. AB InBev, too, has set itself an ambitious goal of making all its products returnable by 2025. Already, nearly 98% of its glass bottles are returnable in India.

Improving 100+ years

To build an ecosystem that will last for the next 100+ years, it is essential to create lasting innovative solutions to manage waste. Corporates should have dedicated teams to identify opportunities and commit to circular packaging. Here, AB InBev’s global practices can be mirrored in India as it is innovating by sourcing packaging from returnable or recycled products.