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The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021' – Haryana Roundtable


The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021' – Haryana Roundtable

Network18 and AB InBev's thought-provoking initiative Sustainability 100+: Shaping a Better World has paved the way for collaboration between states, the private and public sector. This platform is bringing together key opinion leaders from across the country to better understand the unique roles state governments play in designing, executing and monitoring the development of policies and interventions aimed at driving sustainable development.

As part of this unique initiative, we hosted the first leg of ‘The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021' in January 2021. The virtual event comprised two panel discussions to uncover how we can ‘Accelerate India's Sustainable Development Goals' and the steps we need to take towards ‘Making sustainability a reality'.

The Champion State series kicked off in March 2021 with a round-table discussion focused on the state of Haryana and saw participation from notable sustainability champions working on integrated development solutions and innovations to accelerate 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in the region.

The panelists delved into a diverse range of topics from Haryana's sustainability vision, the role of corporates in driving this vision to make technology as an enabler of sustainable growth, the dialogue sparked the discovery and evaluation of new solutions to age-old problems.

Download the detailed PDF below to access the numerous highlights and key takeaways from this event.


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