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‘The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021' – Maharashtra Roundtable


‘The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021' – Maharashtra Roundtable

A report by the United Nation's Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) came as a warning sign, or as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres put it, a ‘Code Red for Humanity'. The detailed review of climate change pointed out that the world is warming faster as global heating is on track to hit 1.5 degrees Celsius around 2030.

Besides highlighting alarming figures on sea levels, global warming, and heatwaves, the climate change report stated that drastic and rapid cuts in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases could limit climate change by the end of this century. Here, every nation will have to extend support in reducing carbon emissions, switching to renewable resources and taking climate action on a war-footing.

Apart from the governments, both Centre and State, the corporates, NGOs, innovators, academicians, thinkers, and the civil society will have to join forces towards climate action. In the recently held ‘The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021' – Maharashtra Roundtable, the stakeholders uncovered the steps they were taking to minimise carbon emissions, make way for a greener and cleaner economy and much more.

The third edition of the Champion States series, highlighted Maharashtra for its active climate change policies, reforms, and implementation.

From utilising more renewable energy to charting out innovative ways to address power needs, the panellists delved into how they were becoming climate-conscious, planting more trees, testing soil quality, etc.

Download the detailed PDF below to access the numerous highlights and key takeaways from this virtual discussion.

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The Champion States series began with Haryana Roundtable, followed by the Telangana chapter.