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‘The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021' – Telangana Roundtable


‘The Sustainability 100+ Dialogues 2021' – Telangana Roundtable

India is home to approximately 17% of the world's population but has only about 4% of the world's freshwater resources. This small percentage is unable to meet the increasing water demand for domestic, industrial, and agriculture use and the existing water bodies in the country are already stressed beyond measure.

Thus, it becomes imperative to undertake robust water stewardship initiatives with practical conservation and sanitation practices using data-backed decisions and innovation.

Against this backdrop, states like Telangana are pioneering water conservation, and hygiene, building an ecosystem that can last for 100+ years. The state actively collaborates with NGOs, Corporates, Start-ups and working professionals to improve water accessibility and availability.

In the second edition of our Champion States series, we spotlight Telangana for its resilient watershed programs and breakthrough innovations in improving quality, access, and infrastructure.

During the discussion with the government stakeholders, we examined the present water situation in the state and elucidated on what kind of programmes and schemes the government undertook to meet the rising demands.

The conversation also saw corporates and sustainability leaders share their strategies in preserving water through recycling, constructing check dams, aquifer recharge, engaging communities at the grass-root and reaching out to the last mile through technology and innovation.

Download the detailed PDF below to access the numerous highlights and key takeaways from this virtual discussion.

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The Champion States series began with a Haryana Roundtable, where notable policymakers and sustainability leaders including Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, Vikas Verma, Regional Head - North India, UNDP, Madhu Verma, Chief Economist, World Resources Institute India delved into Haryana's sustainability vision and its progress is fulfilling the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).